Committed to producing quality

At Metal KG, we focus on the high quality of the products we produce and deliver to our customers. Quality is a cornerstone of our culture and processes. We achieve this by using high quality materials, the most advanced production and, above all, quality oriented qualified staff.


PVC profile systems

Since its establishment in 1991, Metal KG has been a traditional partner of the Bavarian manufacturer of PVC systems Salamander.

The German company is one of the leading European suppliers of systems for high energy efficient PVC windows and doors. Salamander products are known for their high-tech solutions, a number of profile systems and excellent thermal and sound insulation. Eticom manufactures two main types of Salamander profile systems- Blue Evolution 92- high-end 6-chamber system with top thermal insulation characteristics and Streamline – 5 chamber system.

At the end of 2016 Eticom reached a strategic partnership agreement with another largest manufacturer of PVC profile system – Gealan. The German company is a leading manufacturer of innovative system of PVC profiles for windows, entrance and sliding doors. Systems profiles Gealan PVC have many innovative technologies that provide enhanced thermal insulation and resistance to harsh weather conditions. In its production, Eticome uses two profile systems – Gealan 8000 and Gealan 9000. The former, is a 5-or 6-chamber system specially designed to meet the need for an economical profile with excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics. Gealan 9000 is a 6-chamber, 82.5mm profile that can be packed up to 52mm triple glazing. In combination with insulation IKD, it provides outstanding thermal insulation – up to 0.89W/m2 K.

Aluminum system

Traditionally, Metal KG is a partner with the local manufacturer of aluminum profiles – Etem. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of extruded aluminum profiles in Europe. Etem’s product range offers a wide range of systems of architectural profiles suitable for the production of unified facades, sun shades, standard tilting and turning of windows and doors, sliding and double-sided doors.

However, Metal KG can process a system of aluminum profiles at the request of the client. The company has realized many projects with the leading brands SCHÜCO and REYNAERS.

Installation of windows

In cooperation with Saint – Gobain Glass Eticom offers only high quality and energy efficient glazing solutions.

Saint – Gobain is a French multinational corporation founded 352 years ago as a manufacturer of mirror glass. Today, it’s one of the largest companies in the building materials industry and their glass products are considered to be of the highest quality.

Building materials

High quality hardware provides both – free operation of windows and doors and long life of exploitation.

Metal KG uses the world’s leading ROTO FRANK hardware technology. The German company is known for inventing tilt treat and patented coating technology – Roto Sil Nano with a titanium – silver protective surface.